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Mitutoyo Coolant-Proof Calipers
Mitutoyo Coolant-Proof Calipers - 4/10/2016 1:40:40 PM
Mitutoyo IP67 ABSOLUTE digimatic coolant-proof calipers can be used in shop conditions exposed to coolant, water, dust or oil. 100% air-leak test ensures every caliper conforms to IP67. Incorporating Mitutoyo’s ABSOLUTE measurement system, there is no need to reset the origin. The automatic power on/off shuts down the LCD after 20 minutes of inactivity, but the ABS scale origin is unaffected. Power is restored to the display when the slider is moved. Can be integrated into statistical process control and measurement systems. A larger LCD of 9 mm is a 22% increase in height for improved visibility. Extended battery life of 5 years has been achieved due to low-current integrated circuit. These easy-to-operate calipers have an advanced ergonomic design and uses only one button.
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Nexel Industries - 1/20/2016 3:36:41 PM
NEXEL Industries is a major international producer of storage and handling equipment. Their products are used extensively in the food service, health care, industrial and commercial markets. With three regional distribution centers totaling over 600,000 square feet, they provide quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices. NEW from NEXEL, is their BEST VALUE KIT. A four shelf, open wire construction unit, available in three different finishes. 400lb capacity shelves, adjusts on 1” increments for easy positioning. Adjustable leveling feet compensate for uneven floors. Complete shelving unit ships in one carton. Easy “No Tools Required assembly”. Add casters to make unit a mobile shelf truck. Danco Inc. has been proudly distributing their fine products for over 20 years.
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Apex Tool Group
APEX TOOL GROUP - 8/24/2015 1:59:20 PM
Apex Tool Group (ATG) is one of the largest manufacturers of professional hand and power tools in the world, serving the industrial, vehicle service and assembly, aerospace, electronics, construction and serious DIY markets. With over 30 brands strong and a reputation dating back more than 100 years. Apex Tool Group was formed as a joint venture of Cooper Industries and Danaher, by the merger of Cooper Tools and Danaher Tools. Their portfolio of over 30 innovative brands includes many category leaders, such as Allen, Armstrong, Nicholson, GearWrench, Jacobs, Weller, Wiss, Lufkin, Cleco and Crescent. ATG also manufactures select, premier private label mechanics tools. Across the board, their tools stand for quality, innovation and value. Known for solving seemingly impossible problems, they are intuitive and simple to use, yet indispensable. Danco has been selling these fine products for over 50 years. Please give us a call to learn more about the Apex Tool Group. Call 1-800-992-3233.
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Kaller Gas Springs
KALLER GAS SPRINGS - 7/27/2015 12:00:46 PM
KALLER developed the first nitrogen gas spring for press tools during the 1970s. This gas spring technology quickly led to worldwide demand. Today KALLER, the world leader in gas springs, offers a comprehensive selection of innovative high quality gas springs and gas hydraulic systems for use in tool & die applications. They also have the KALLER Hydrop gas hydraulic suspension systems for heavy duty off-road vehicles. Kaller developed and refined this technology, but has been in the business since 1876. Kaller has in-house manufacturing and assembling in both Sweden and North America with state-of-the-art CNC machinery with high automation. At present, Kaller has 430 employees in eight countries and distributors in 46 countries with an annual turnover of 116 million USD. Kaller gas springs are designed to meet customer expectations for reliability, safety and service lifetime. Selling one million gas springs per year, they are the largest producer in the world. KALLER - The Safer Choice. Contact Danco today for more information on KALLER GAS SPRINGS 1-800-992-3233.

Regal Cutting Tools
Regal Cutting Tools - 6/29/2015 2:04:17 PM
Regal Cutting Tools revolutionized special tap manufacturing in 1955 by shipping in 24 hours what had until then taken four weeks or more. The culture of reliable, timely shipments of quality cutting tools has been the foundation on which they have built each acquired company over the years. Now, as a full line cutting tool company they offer over 9,500 products ranging from taps, drills, end mills, dies, and gages. Providing cutting tools in HSS, Cobalt, and Carbide, with a wide array of coatings and treatments for working in the toughest materials. The company’s manufacturing facilities, each with its own product focus, are strategically located in Illinois and South Carolina. These manufacturing facilities are streamlined for highly-efficient throughput and equipped with CNC machinery, experienced operators, advanced in-house quality controls, and company-owned heat treating. Regal Cutting Tools has been servicing the needs of industry by manufacturing cutting tools that increase production, support uptime goals and provide optimum tool life. Danco Inc. has been partnering with Regal Cutting Tools for over 30 years. Contact us and get a quote on your special tooling requirements. Call 1-800-992-3233, or email us using the Contact/Product Request Form.
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Besly Cutting Tools
BESLY CUTTING TOOLS - 4/6/2015 10:52:53 AM
Besly has been manufacturing superior cutting tools in the U.S. since 1875. Providing quality and value for nearly 140 years, Besly’s depth of experience is evident. Always driven by customers’ changing needs, they have produced renowned cutting tools such as the Turboflute Drill, X-Press Tap, and Turbo-Cut Tap. These tools have a tradition of superb performance and yield the lowest operational cost in difficult applications. In addition to a complete line of standard taps, drills, and reamers, Besly also manufactures custom tools to meet application requirements. Besly can design, build, and ship tools fast. The BLITZ fast delivery tap program can supply taps within 24 hours. Danco Inc. has been proudly associated with Besly for over 30 years. Please contact Danco Inc. for more information on Besly Cutting Tools 1-800-992-3233.

GUHRING RF100 Diver Endmill
GUHRING RF100 Diver Endmill - 2/13/2015 2:04:13 PM
Guhring has launched its newest range of end mills, the RF100 DIVER, a multipurpose 4 flute carbide end mill. The unique geometry design of these end mills makes them more versatile, and enables you to perform a wide range of operations like drilling, ramping, slotting, roughing, and finishing. Universal use across all materials and applications with HA/HB style shanks. Increased cutting speeds due to the extra hard nano-Si coating , corner preparation, a 36/38 degree helix, and optimal chip space. Contact Danco today for more information. 1-800-992-3233
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