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Besly Cutting Tools
BESLY CUTTING TOOLS - 4/6/2015 10:52:53 AM
Besly has been manufacturing superior cutting tools in the U.S. since 1875. Providing quality and value for nearly 140 years, Besly’s depth of experience is evident. Always driven by customers’ changing needs, they have produced renowned cutting tools such as the Turboflute Drill, X-Press Tap, and Turbo-Cut Tap. These tools have a tradition of superb performance and yield the lowest operational cost in difficult applications. In addition to a complete line of standard taps, drills, and reamers, Besly also manufactures custom tools to meet application requirements. Besly can design, build, and ship tools fast. The BLITZ fast delivery tap program can supply taps within 24 hours. Danco Inc. has been proudly associated with Besly for over 30 years. Please contact Danco Inc. for more information on Besly Cutting Tools 1-800-992-3233.

GUHRING RF100 Diver Endmill
GUHRING RF100 Diver Endmill - 2/13/2015 2:04:13 PM
Guhring has launched its newest range of end mills, the RF100 DIVER, a multipurpose 4 flute carbide end mill. The unique geometry design of these end mills makes them more versatile, and enables you to perform a wide range of operations like drilling, ramping, slotting, roughing, and finishing. Universal use across all materials and applications with HA/HB style shanks. Increased cutting speeds due to the extra hard nano-Si coating , corner preparation, a 36/38 degree helix, and optimal chip space. Contact Danco today for more information. 1-800-992-3233
CLICK HERE to download information, and see the RF100 DIVER in action.

Accu-Lube / Rustlick
Accu-Lube / Rustlick - 1/7/2015 9:14:23 AM
Accu-Lube and Rustlick brands are recognized worldwide as the leading choice for scientifically advanced fluid products in the metalworking industry, providing their customers with innovative solutions to maximize productivity. Accu-Lube offers a complete line of non-toxic, environmentally-friendly natural-based metalworking lubricants for micro-lubrication cutting & grinding, along with patented Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) applicator systems for Near-Dry Machining. These fluids are specially formulated to provide superior performance and economy while helping to keep the planet safe from industrial contaminants by getting rid of the toxins required in flood coolant and eliminating harmful waste. Accu-Lube Minimum Quantity Lubrication applicator systems use advanced technology to focus droplets of lubricant directly onto the tool’s cutting edge, providing lubrication and protection precisely where it is needed. The MQL approach allows manufacturers to conserve fluid and cut down on waste. With just a small amount of their premium lubricant, tools last longer and parts come out cleaner. Accu-lube is available in liquid, pump spray, gel, paste, stick, and block. The Rustlick product line consists of a variety of cutting & grinding fluids designed to lubricate and cool. Water soluble oils, synthetic and semi-synthetic fluids. Rustlick coolants are known for long sump life, advanced bio-resistance and heavy duty formulations. Rustlick also offers dielectric fluids, rust preventatives, sump-side additives, and coolant maintenance equipment. Contact Danco today for more information. 1-800-992-3233

Wikus ParaMaster 3.0
New from Wikus.... Wikus ParaMaster 3.0 - 9/11/2014 10:21:41 AM
ParaMaster 3.0, the online cutting data program from WIKUS, provides you with efficient support on optimizing your cutting processes. You will be pleasantly surprised, not only with the results, but also the ease-of-use and cost savings they can offer you. A database that is up-to-date every day. More than 150000 materials, 3000 band saw machines and plenty of additional information. Easy to use, all of the information at a glance and a self-explanatory interface. Applications for solid materials (round or square), tubes (round or square), beams, single and layer cuts. Also, analysis of cutting costs. To use this program you need to be a registered user. You are not yet registered?
Register NOW. Here's the link:

ATV All-Terrain Vise by Wilton
Introducing The All New Wilton ATV - 8/20/2014 10:27:44 AM
Some jobs go beyond the workshop. Some jobs make you come to them. For the jobs that demand function, strength and mobility we present the ATV, All-Terrain Vise by Wilton. The innovative ATV is a hitch vise and a bench vise all in one portable package. It’s ideal for vehicles used in construction, farm and ranch, automotive, marine or those dedicated to outdoor and off-road activities. The ATV fits a standard 2” hitch (hitch pin included) and includes the these unique features: Bench or trailer mounting capability for even greater versatility with the included mounting bracket. Patented 360º locking handle to secure the handle while driving or reposition while working. An integrated carrying handle for balanced, convenient transport. Drive tight set screws provide a tight fit in the hitch to limit vibration and movement while driving. Water resistant design for all weather protection. Replaceable jaws with a unique v-groove for vertical clamping of round objects. Pipe jaws provide secure clamping of round objects from ¾” to 3". Large striking anvil for forming and shaping materials. Heavy-duty 60,000 PSI ductile iron body. YOUR TRUCK JUST GOT ONE HELL OF AN UPGRADE
Click here to watch a video on the new Wilton ATV

Micro 100 Quick Change Tooling System - 8/4/2014 4:26:04 PM
Quick Change Tooling was developed by Micro 100 to allow customers the same high quality precision machining they receive from their standard tooling line, with the added benefit of increased productivity through less machine downtime. Micro 100's locating and locking system allows for incredible centerline repeatability from tool to tool. The unique “3 Point” Locking/Locating System is engineered for maximum tool rigidity and centerline repeatability. Tool change out has been made simple. You can change tools in 30 seconds or less and reduce the machine setup and downtime. Take an in-depth look at the Quick Change Tooling process to see how it can save you time and money. See for yourself. It is amazingly simple to change out a Quick Change Tool and have your machine up and running again.
CLICK HERE to watch a video of the Micro 100 Quick Change Tooling System.

Norton Construction Products
Norton Construction Products - 6/27/2014 11:57:10 AM
In addition to partnering with Norton Industrial Abrasive Products, we also represent Norton Construction Products. Norton is the world leader in equipment and diamond products for the construction industry, providing products to improve production and reduce total cost. No matter if you need a competitive price or an innovative solution, they have a product for each application with the brand name you can trust. In the early 80s, Norton revolutionized the diamond blade market by developing the process of laser welding diamond segments to the steel center. This allowed, for the first time, laser-welded diamond products to cut dry on a wide range of masonry and construction materials while giving exceptional speed of cut and long life. Also, with Norton’s innovative depth cut indicators, it easily controls the operator’s depth of cut for elimination of over-cutting. As the blade revolves, the depth of cut can be seen through the stroboscope effect, eliminating over-cutting. With Norton’s large range of diamond specialty saw blades, they also supply; masonry saws, tile saws, flat saws, core drilling and floor care equipment.
Click here to download the Norton Construction Catalog