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ALORIS TOOL TECHNOLOGY CO - 6/26/2013 2:08:55 PM
Aloris Tool Technology has been the first name in Quick Change Tooling for over 60 years. As the originator and world-leading manufacturer of super precision quick change tool posts and tool holders,Aloris revolutionized the metal working industry when they introduced the first quick change tool post over 60 years ago. Since that time Aloris has been the standard of the industry, known worldwide for its integrity and lasting quality. In addition to quick change tooling, Aloris also has a full line of accessories such as shank tooling, boring bars, spindle stops, and the newest addition to the Aloris Tool Post line, the Aloris Indexable Tool Post. Aloris also carries an extensive line of cutting tools for use with both conventional and CNC applications. This includes cut-off and grooving blades, knurls, HSS and carbide threading tools, chip breakers, and a full line of carbide inserts to be used with Aloris Tooling. As they have been throughout their 60-year history, Aloris is committed to supplying quality products designed to maximize their customer’s productivity. All Aloris Quick Change Tooling are proudly made in the USA. For more information please contact Danco at 1-800-992-3233, or email sales@danco-inc.com
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GUHRING SELECT Tools - 4/25/2013 3:52:34 PM
Introducing GUHRING SELECT, a new category of stocked standard carbide drills, taps and variable helix carbide end mills. Each GUHRING SELECT series has been chosen from existing stocked standards because of its versatility in a wide range of materials and machining operations, to provide you with a full compliment of quality drill, tap and end mill options at an economical price. These top-quality carbide tools will increase your productivity, and because they're GUHRING SELECT, you can save 22% - 40% over similar style tools when you purchase them. Available in the following; Cobalt / HSS drills General purpose Premium cobalt Carbide drills General purpose High performance NC spot Cobalt taps Through-hole / plug cobalt Blind-hole / bottoming
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Grob Bandsaws
GROB Bandsaws - 4/1/2013 3:59:45 PM
For nearly 70 years the GROB name has been synonymous with sawing excellence. GROB’s ongoing mission to be the standard by which all industrial bandsaws are measured. Their basic saw designs have kept pace with changing technologies and have never lost sight that sound sawing principles are what all customers demand. GROB’s current line-up meets and exceeds those demands by providing a range of products that match any metalcutting application. GROB saws are designed to deliver dependable operation year, after year, after year. All GROB’s structural components and drive assemblies are manufactured at their facility. From toolroom, to welding, to final assembly, GROB’s employees take extreme pride in the product they produce. Being in control of the manufacturing process ensures their customers receive the best value for their sawing dollar. The 4V SERIES BAND SAWS. Designed for Day in Day Out Performance. Tops all competitors’ saws as the most versatile toolroom saw on the market. Whether you are cutting tough alloys or lighter metals such as mild steel, brass, sheet metal, or aluminum. The 6V SERIES BAND SAWS. Designed for Heavy Duty Applications. This saw is the real workhorse, delivering unparalleled power, reliability and accuracy. With a powerful 15 HP motor and six speed gearbox that’s designed for the most rigorous cutting applications. These heavy duty band saws can be found operating in demanding industries such as, foundries, automotive, and aerospace The 6V SERIES comes in three models: heavy duty band saw, plate saw, and hot cutting band saw. For more information on GROB’s band saws and parts contact Danco, Inc. at 1-800-992-3233.

Unibor Electromagnetic Drilling Systems
Unibor Drilling and Cutting Equipment - 3/14/2013 2:53:22 PM
From humble beginnings 30 years ago as a contractors’ plant, tool hire and sales outlet, Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment has developed into arguably the world’s largest manufacturer of broaching hole cutters and electro-magnetic drilling machines. Widely used in steel fabrication and construction - both in the shop and out on site - the broach cutting system provides great benefits in terms of accuracy, efficiency, portability, versatility, and time (and therefore cost) savings. Using its extensive experience of solving hole cutting problems, Universal has also developed specialized machines such as the Airbor and the Hydrobor, operated entirely by compressed air or hydraulic power, for use in hazardous environments or even underwater, where electric power is impossible. The company’s highly skilled engineers have also developed many unique cutters for specialized applications and situations, and are always happy to consult on particular problems. With marketing subsidiaries in the USA, Holland and France and distributors throughout the world, the company is still driven by the energy, commitment and enthusiasm of its founder and CEO, Mike Bryan and his team of specialists, all striving to keep Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment at the forefront of hole cutting excellence. The success of Unibor broaching (or annular) cutters is proven in their daily use in many kinds of application throughout the world. By removing only the metal at the periphery of the hole and ejecting a solid slug at the end of the cut, less material is converted into 'chips', requiring much less power than conventional twist drills. The unique geometry of Unibor cutters also helps to achieve faster feed, lower cutting resistance, greater accuracy, longer tool life and a better finish. Unibor is the brand name of high quality engineering tools and products manufactured by Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment. Contact Danco for more information 1-800-992-3233

Metalloid Corp
METALLOID Metalworking /Botanical Lubricants - 2/5/2013 11:32:58 AM
Metalloid Corporation has been a single source supplier of metalworking fluids for over 51 years. Their goal has always been to focus on the total needs of the metalworking industry. They have made it their mandate to develop and market a complete line of metalworking fluids free of oil, solvent and chlorinated paraffin. Further, their focus is to develop and market fluids that are environment and worker safe. METALLOID has put considerable resources and technology into their plan to become a single source supplier of earth friendly, botanical metalworking fluids. The idea was bold, but they knew it must be accomplished to address the changing needs of our planet and the metalworking industry. METALLOID Corporation embarked on formulating unique bio-based additives that would provide the end-user with the same performance benefits of oil, solvent and chlorinated paraffin. The ADDVANCE™ Product Line is the result of their efforts. ADDVANCE™ metalworking products provide a single source ECO FRIENDLY – BOTANICAL – SOLUTION FOR THE METALWORKING INDUSTRY.
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GUHRING'S New RF-100 High Performance Carbide End Mills - 1/23/2013 3:06:18 PM
Guhring’s new RF 100 High-Performance carbide end mills excel thanks to variable helix angles which considerably reduces vibration. The variable helix angle vastly improves surface quality for finishing operations and a considerably higher feed rates for slot drilling. In roughing applications, the result is a drastic increase in tool life in comparison to conventional rough mill cutters with round or flat knuckle-type teeth. These end mills are available with FIREX, Super-A, nano-A, and TiALN coatings, in addition to a bright finish.
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GUHRING Micro-Drills
GUHRING the Industry Leader in Micro-Precision Drills - 1/4/2013 3:48:35 PM
The largest offering of Micro-Precision drills from GUHRING, the industry leader in drilling innovations. Contact Danco for a GUHRING Drill catalog.
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